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Hot Off the Press

"Spiders spin memorable show with original music, easy groove"

-The Chronicle; Cottage Grove, OR; by Ron Hartman

On making a dream album

-SONGBONES Magazine; by Michelle McAfee
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"when you get people in a small room, something magical happens between the band and the audience."

-Yukon Tavern blog; Portland, OR; by Daryle Rico

In the Press

"start with Americana and end in the Milky Way"

-City Paper; Philadelphia, PA; by Mary Armstrong

"crank out some of the funkiest rock and roll with a 5-string banjo you'll hear anywhere"

-Banjo Newsletter; Annapolis, MD; by Donald Nitchie, Editor

"Rootsy Ten Spiders resist pigeonhole"

-Out & About; Wilmington, DE; by Eric Fine

"live is where this ensemble shines"; Philadelphia, PA;by Mike Gall, Staff Writer

"whole lot of energy"

-Connect Savannah; Savannah, GA; by Erin K. Rude

"a funkier, mellower sound (than bluegrass)"

-Savannah Morning News; Savannah, GA; by Gene Downs

"rocking, grassing jam band with a really nice little groove"

-Mountain Express; Black Mountain, NC

"infectious folk rock sound"

-Metropolitan Spirit; Augusta, GA; by Donnie Z. Fetter

"shifts effortlessly from rock to folk, bluegrass to raga-influenced psychedelia"

-Augusta Chronicle; Augusta, GA; by Steven Uhles

"unique, intricately simple, emotional appeal"

-Reading Eagle; Reading, PA; by Jim Speese, Correspondant

"a fiery 5-string player...bears a wide palette of colorful sounds, from funky blues to red-eyed grooves and a taste of everything in between"

-Deadhead's Music Calendar Newsletter; Pittsburgh, PA; by Rob Hillard, Editor

"very tight unit...bass playing is also quite superior"

-Revolving Door Music Guide; Syracuse, NY; by Erik Jensen, Editor

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